Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Star Trek Encyclopedia

Author: Michael Okuda, et al

Type: Science Fiction

Shepnerd Rating 4 Stars

I bought this book to write an essay on the Bajoran Prophets for my StarFleet Academy class (no, serioulsy - check out Its a fanstastic resource in encyclopedia form - cross referenced and contains story lines, ship schematics, character explanations and even uniform codes. The whole thing is quite fun and it is very easy to find information in.

Why only 4 stars from the Shepnerd? 2 reasons - the pictures are in black and white (making for a very bleak apprearance, and the book was written before DS9 was finished so there are a lot of unfinished entries for DS9 and none of Voyager. I would love to see this work expanded to include Voyager and Enterprise (eh).

However, if you are wanting info on Star Trek TOS or TNG - its a great book to have.

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