Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sacred Speech: A Practical Guide for Keeping Spirit in Your Speech

Author: Rev. Donna Schaper

Type: Spirituality

Shepnerd Rating - 5 stars

Inclusive language, political correctness and all types of uses of words have leaked into Christianity over the years. What Donna Schaper noticed was that while we are getting better and better at talking - we are not getting better at faith, healing or love.

This book is an outstanding help in learning the difference between being politically correct and speaking the truth in love. It offers many real-world example conversations and points out where they go right, and where they go wrong. Its a great source for Pastors or people who need to learn how to sad hard truths without offending others and a good primer for anyone who wants more God in their words.

And as a plus - there are study questions in the back if you want to use it for small group work. The book embraces diversity, and reflects wisdom.

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