Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Tent

Author: Margaret Atwood
Type: Literature/Short Story
Shepnerd Rating: 4 Stars

People who aren't used to Margaret Atwood's free flowing sentences and amazing intelligence will not like or get this book. However, as an Atwood fan since college (back when we rode our dinosaur to school) I found this book to be an amazing treat. Filled with short stories to illustrate her thoughts on everything from aging, to spirit seeking, to our commerical/materialistic world these small stories are packed with images, wit and style.
Sadly the book is thin and fast to read (I completed it in 2 doctor's visits). My favorite stories were "Salome was a Dancer" "No Pictures Please" "The Bottle II" and "Animals Reject Their Names". My only sadness about this book is that I wished it were longer.

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