Saturday, January 5, 2008

Se7en (Seven)

Publisher: Zenescope

Type: Graphic Novel

Shepnerd Rating: 5 Stars

Wow. That's all I can say about this hardcover collection of the 7 book comic series by Zenescope that is a graphic (and I mean graphic) novel edition of the movie "Seven". Its not just a retelling, it fills in backstory (how did John Doe become such a psycho? What steps did he take to commit his crimes?) and uses art in ways to create emotion that are unheard of in most mediums.

The books was done with cooperation from New Line Cinema, and is quality throughout. Remember the black and white composition notebooks John Doe writes in? Each chapter is a sin, and features a full-page spread of the notebook page (so you can read his little writing about each sin and see his gross taped-in pictures up close). Each Chapter (7 of course) also shows something about his life "then" (an abusive mom, a early sexual encounter, catholic school, unfaithful wife...) and his plans to create the "now" (how he sets up his murders). Each chapter ends where the movie starts - the finding of a body - the understanding of the "sin".
If you haven't seen the movie Seven - you won't get the book. But if you read this book - you will get so much more out of the movie. For fans of thrillers and graphic novels - this book is worth your time, and money.

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