Saturday, November 24, 2007

Back to the Well: Women's Encounters with Jesus In the Gospels

Author: Francis Taylor Gench
Type: Biblical Scholarship/Theology
Shepnerd Rating: 4 Stars

The person who loaned me this book told me about the author and described her as a feminist theologian - so I expected feminist theology. However, this book has so much more. Each of the texts has an overview of perspectives ranging from ancient, to traditional to modern and progressive. Each text also involves her view, and the best part - questions to think about for you to understand your own view. I love books that let you think!

One of my main complaints about Christian books is that the first half to 3/4 is usually good but the last half seems to contain filler to make the book longer. By focusing on only 6 vignettes and keeping her prose sharp and well referenced - there is no fluff -- just a lean mean theological machine.
Of course, the massive perspective can have a small minus (life is a double edged sword, afterall) -- sometimes there are so many quotes from so many sources its hard to untwine what the author thinks or where she is taking you - from all the perspective. Overall, though - an excellent study of scripture, time, women and thought.

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